Monitoring prédictif TraceTemp

Use monitoring data to predict the state of pharmaceutical products

Your stability studies for the benefit of a real-time prediction

Why our monitoring solution is more efficient for you

Unlike the monitoring solutions that flood the market today, TraceTemp's integrated approach goes beyond mere knowledge of storage and transport conditions.


We have succeeded in eliminating the need for human input in the process of monitoring and then analyzing data.

By predicting the consequences of storage and transport conditions on the product , our solution gives you a clear vision of the safety and efficacy profile of your products as soon as they arrive at their destination.


It is a powerful differentiator from traditional monitoring solutions which still require human analysis which slows down reactivity in the event of a problem and generates disruptions in the pharmaceutical supply chain.


The TraceTemp solution, plug & play and automated, adapts to the entire pharmaceutical industry: laboratories, manufacturers, custodians, distributors and much more.

The TraceTemp benefits are deployed in two stages

Déploiement des bénéfices TraceTemp
  1. Proof of Value

    PoV helps you better understand what the TraceTemp solution brings to your business so you can justify its adoption and measure its success.

    We integrate a first degradation function that you test in situ with one of your products.
    You compare the results obtained with your stability study.
    You explore why your organization should adopt the TraceTemp solution.

  1. Gradual deployment

    We integrate the degradation functions of each of your products and you start to precisely monitor your shipments.
    You begin to measure your ROI.