Pharmacien Responsable TraceTemp

Head Pharmacist

Get the certainty of delivering an effective product and

unleash your best talents to drive the quality of your supply chain.


  • Responsibility engaged including when the data is absent, partial or imprecise.

  • False negatives or positives based on storage and transport conditions.


  • Reconstitution and reinterpretation, a posteriori, of the data to estimate the possible impact of the conditions on the safety of the product.


  • Multiplication of tasks on multiple media to achieve a convincing result.



  • TraceTemp provides real-time information on the status of the product from monitoring data .

  • Our algorithms monitor phase changes and product degradation.


  • Our automations ensure that data is obtained immediately upon receipt of the goods.


  • Because the goods are under your responsibility, only you have access to the data.



  • TraceTemp informs you of the arrival status of your products in real time.


  • Whether storage and transport conditions are correct or not, you know the condition of all your products.


  • Immediate and relevant decision making on the status to be given to the products.


  • The guarantee of remaining in control of the decision to be made according to storage and transport conditions.


  • Inform customers of your decision and its rationale with one click.

  • Plug & play solution:

- No software,

- No license,

- No engagement



  • TraceTemp is a product-oriented monitoring solution.


  • It offers rapid processing of the data necessary for the transfer of pharmaceutical responsibility.


  • TraceTemp gathers and archives all the important data concerning your shipments and your products.

  • Take the advantage and no longer wait for your customers to take the time to send you the data from your loggers.

  • Free your talents from time-consuming data aggregation and analytics tasks.